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9:08 AM


I started this whole bloggin' thang over 4 years ago on Blogspot.  After 2 years I was not satisfied with what Blogger had to offer (they've since gotten better, but not good enough to go back!), so I moved over here to Bravejournal.

My main desire was the ability to include pictures with my posts.  I did that for awhile, but including pictures with posts here is not as easy as it should be.  While this site is good for keeping a journal, it has its limitations for blogging, particularly if you like to tweak the design.

You also have the omnipresent ads at the top, but you can't expect a free lunch.  I toyed with the idea of paying for this particular site but could not justify the expense, plus there were things about Bravejournal that did not make it worth the money.

So now after 2 years here, is it time to move on, or just "fuhgeddaboutit"?  I don't seem to get many folks dropping by here anymore.  That's partly due to my posts and lack of writing prowess, partly due to my lack of promoting the site.  I blog to help let some ideas air out, to practice the "craft", and for the camaraderie.

Should I stay or should I go?  Ya gotta let me know ...




Time to go ...




to my own domain!!

Yes, that's right, I spent the money and am now the proud owner of:


Actually, I don't "own" it.  Netfirms is hosting me for cheap for a year, and they have a Wordpress application already built in.  I'm going to learn pHp as I go and hopefully all some other junk like RSS, tags, tagbacks, syndication and other junk, so please go to the new and improved Spudlets for all of your tater wisdom needs.


499 Comment(s).

Posted by Lenise:

Looks like you've been busy, but I couldn't get the comments to open at your new site =[
5-30-06 @ 10:34 AM

Posted by Spud:

Thanks, I'll check into it.
5-30-06 @ 11:37 AM

Posted by Jordana:

Okay, I've changed my link. Your new place looks nice.
5-31-06 @ 11:43 AM

Posted by Spud:

Thanks for the link change. I'll send out a general announcement once I can figure out the comment problem. I may have to change the theme, though.
5-31-06 @ 12:14 PM

Posted by Rick:

Site must be down... can't get there...

6-03-06 @ 7:12 PM

Posted by Spud:

Thanks for trying, Rick. I just called it up and it seemed to be OK. Hopefully it was just some bad timing.
6-04-06 @ 8:08 PM

Posted by Tim:

Keep plugging on Spud. Keep pluggin' on.:)
7-06-06 @ 2:20 PM

Posted by Rich Tatum:

Man, you gotta let me know when you do stuff like this. I keep poking at your feed in my feed aggregator, wondering why it wasn't updating. Now I know why. Silly me.

Good luck at the new domain, I'll stop by shortly to see what's up. BTW: I have a redesign myself. Hope you like it.

8-07-06 @ 9:35 AM

Posted by Rogers Place:

This is one nice site. Keep up the good work and sharing the Great information. Will visit again and recommend to others.
1-16-07 @ 6:18 PM

Posted by Sagi Istvan:

I like your journal :)
" Have a nice day na ja! Miss U "
2-24-07 @ 3:54 AM

Posted by Tom Reihnold:

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