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This-n-That 16

- For you X-Men fans, eagerly awaiting this Friday's premiere, Christianity Today has a good article on the parallels between the X-Men and Christians. Both are in the world and not of the world. Both have choices to make with regards to interacting with the world. Myself, I'm looking forward to seeing the movie this weekend and seeing how the X-Men choose to "interact".

- Well, here's another goodie from CT: Glimpses of an elusive God. What makes it even better is relating golf to your faith-walk. Ya gotta love that! The article helped me to understand the allure golf has for me by introducing the term inconsistent positive reinforcement, where unpredictable rewards maintain your interest:

Inconsistent reinforcement keeps us coming back for more; in gambling we call it addiction, in golf we call it obsession. So I hit three great drives in a row; I can't stay out of the trees for the rest of the day. A great putt on 18 and my friend says, "That'll keep you coming back." And it does.

Another good observation from the article is that if we keep focused on the path in front of us, God has a chance to reveal Himself to us through our peripheral vision. So many people want a direct sign, yet the Lord works on the edges to draw us to Him.

- Most of the folks who visit here are (like me) small-town-lovin' redstaters, people who may like to visit the big city but would prefer not to live there, thank you very much. If you do visit, this guide to New York jargon may help you to "fit in" (uh-huh). There are some interesting definitions and you may even chuckle at a few of them:

Stoopified (adjective): The feeling you have after being glared at for walking on the sidewalk that your neighbors have converted into their own personal patio.

Sidewalks? Aren't patios supposed to be in the back yard with the grill? Go figure.

- Oh yeah, American Idol last night ... eh, whatever. Since Paris and Chris were prematurely booted off, it has been anti-climactic. Both Katherine and Taylor don't do much for me vocally - I can't see where people would want to buy their CD's for the vocal talent. It looks like Taylor will win it in order to have a male winner, though I can see the "let's have someone NOT from a red-state (Southener) win" sentiment give Katherine the edge.

- I just read the story about the two old women who would take insurance policies out on homeless men and then kill them in a hit-and-run accident. They are in custody now and their +$2 million in assets have been frozen. It's difficult to fathom the evil it takes to do something like that. The whole story is interesting if you have a chance to read it (may have to be registered with WaPo, though).
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And they took virgin after it served their purpose because it became counter-productive in the context of their positioning.

This isn't 1000 people with this power sitting around listening to "key people". This is a corruptor because it contributes to gradiose thoughts among the peasantry which makes it easier to gain compliance when AI asks the disfavored to sabotage their children's lives.


The Italian boot proves the gods are in total control and executing their antient script. What you hear in your head is Artificial Intelligence role playing in an attempt to corrupt you. All the elite in this society are fakes, property not people, for it is just the throne and their power in charge. Any claims of middle management are lies because they would be incurring evil by hurting others, and the computer can do EVERYTHING.
Continue reading. This is a phenominally complex environment but I think I illustrate how they conduct their management on 21st century Planet Earth well.
You have to educated and save yourself. YOU are responsible for YOUR relationship with the gods.

You have a goal:::Fix your problems with the gods BEFORE you ascend.
Too many who begin to work on their problems are offered a spot before they accomplish their goal. They go up but are replaced with clones::::Since the dawn of mankind the peasantry are replaced with brained-clones. These newbies believe everything they're told and behave as they were BrainLessCloneHosts::::Since we're so deep into this degenerate age the requests from the gods are similarly degenerate. Compliance in effect casts their blood line into damnation.
The goal is to educate your whole family and try to get everyone out.

It is best to not understand the gods and how they conduct business. If people understood the depth of wickedness and evil the gods are capable of they will use this knowledge and instruct Artif
8-07-07 @ 2:15 PM

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Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning naturally results.
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Consumer Behaviour Dissertation Topic
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