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8:04 AM

No Soul Man Yamin

It's down to the final two on American Idol, with Elliot getting booted off last night. He's billed as a 'blue-eyed soul singer', but I just didn't get much of a "soulful vibe" from him. Yamin's performance from Tuesday night reminded me of Pat Boone trying to get funky from over 40 years ago. It just didn't do it for me, dawg.

It's a toss-up next week who Clive Davis will choose. Don't believe that junk about phone-in votes. Clive picks the one he thinks will sell the most records. I think he made that abundantly clear last night during his somewhat long speech.

McPhee has a strong voice and is (obviously) very easy on the eyes. I'm just not sure that she can sing enough songs on a CD where you would want to listen to them repeatedly, let alone spend money on. She also seems to be an "innocent" like Kellie Pickler (that's why they got along so well together), so there may be a question of her maturity/confidence to handle this job. I question her confidence based on her reaction in the past weeks, when she looked shocked that she was not sent home after the results were announced.

Hicks has a moderate voice and is at heart an entertainer. The AI handlers have done a great job converting him from a bar-band singer to a pop-star. Since his voice is not very strong, he relies on other tricks (dancing, mugging) to put on a show. I got an appreciation for the vocal talents of Otis Redding and even Bruce Springsteen, after Taylor slogged through their songs. Taylor could sell videos, but I'm not so sure how many CD (or downloaded songs) sales he could generate.

Do you pick the hot (not so confident) chick who sings purty good, or the older (more experienced) guy who sings OK but loves to mug for the camera? McFever or Soul Patrol? It will be interesting next week, but I'm also glad this "madness" will finally be over and I won't have to mess with this until January.
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