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6:19 AM

More Marriage Stuff

I've looked around the blogosphere for some support, and the best I found was Mark D. Roberts looking at the issue of Jesus marriage to Mary of Magdalene in depth. He plainly admits that there is no hard historical evidence that Jesus was or was not married. He looks at both the Gospels/New Testament as well as non-canonical "gospels", and found nothing convincing to prove that Jesus was married.

The marital state of Jesus has never been one of the essential doctrines of Christian faith.

... So, in light of the coming of God's kingdom, and in light of Jesus's commitment to announce and inaugurate the kingdom, He might have chosen to remain single so that nothing would distract Him from His primary calling and purpose.

... it forces us to believe that the most reliable accounts of Jesus' life failed to mention one of the most salient aspects of that life. How unlikely!

There is still the question of divinity and if marriage would have detracted from Jesus' divinity. My gut tells me yes, though I cannot prove it by Scripture. Mr. Roberts has more to say in his article Was Jesus married?:

They are trying to strip Jesus of his uniqueness, and especially his deity. They want a Jesus who was a mere human being, one with spiritual insight, but otherwise ordinary. The supposed marriage of Jesus is taken by many to be proof that he really wasn't God in the flesh, but only a mortal man.

Along with Christians throughout the ages, I believe that Jesus was fully God and fully human. To be sure I can't fully comprehend or explain this mystery, but I believe it nevertheless. My faith in the unique nature of Jesus doesn't demand that he was single, ironically enough. Jesus could have married and maintained his sinless, human-divine nature. But the fact is that he didn't do this. We can speculate about the reasons. I imagine that Jesus realized his unique calling was incompatible with marriage and family life. But I don't know this for a fact.

Jesus being married would have caused some deep theological issues for us: would His wife be more honored than any other human, how would He have supported her as an itinerant preacher/healer, if the marriage produced children would they be part God?

I suppose my "rabid" insistence of Jesus being single to preserve His divinity was overboard. There's a part of me concerned that if we give in to this idea of Jesus being married, then there will be more pressure to compromise on who Jesus was/is and to strip away His divinity. We all have our own definition of what constitutes divinity and what we should honor/glorify.

In particular, we should be very careful with how the media portrays Jesus, as more movies and TV shows come out purporting to show the "true" Jesus. It's up to the church to spread the good news of the Gospel and portray Jesus as best as a disciple can.
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Posted by Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady:

No toes stepped on here, Marc. After four years (!!) of corresponding with you, I am confident that your heart is true and that we see many more things (important things) in the same light than we do differently.

That said, I understand where you're coming from and respect the position you've taken. I maintain, however, that the current DaVince Code brouhaha has more to do with defending the church, which I am less inclined to do, than it does with defending the faith, which is of considerably more importance. And since there is no way to prove, scripturally, whether Christ was married or not, I maintain that it doesn't matter in the larger scheme of things -- nor do the hypothetical theological issues you assert would be raised by his marriage. It is, as you say, not central to Christian doctrine and is, as I said in my original post, one of those things we just shouldn't be spending so much time and energy on when there are so many lost in the world.

Still friends, I hope! (And I've replied to your e-mail, as well!)
5-12-06 @ 9:19 AM

Posted by Spud:

Now NYYL (Nice Young Yorkie Lady), you know better then that! You're still my e-buddy and sister in Christ. I just hope I'm not too disagreeable when I disagree.

Maybe even in this thing, that others (the lost?) see us getting all "het up" over this will want to know more and be open for some "engaging". That would be a good thing.
5-12-06 @ 10:55 AM

Posted by Grouchy Old Yorkie Lady:

My fear is that they see us getting all "het up" over stuff like this and assume that we have nothing to offer but worldly strife and disagreement.
5-12-06 @ 11:02 AM

Posted by Lenise:

Yes, but it's also good to be passionate about the things we believe about God. If getting along becomes our only concern, we've lost a lot of our compellingness (or whatever the word becomes!)

We need to be able to disagree with one another while preserving the love (as in the above exchange). The truth is too important to be abandoned.
5-16-06 @ 5:33 PM

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