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Yes, it's been almost a week, so where's the ice cream? Bloggers like to joke about the "free ice cream" dished out on the blogosphere, but yesterday I had the chance for the real thing. A local credit union was trying to drum up business at my plant, so they set up an ice cream stand in the main break room and handed out free scoops around the lunch hour.

After they were done, the freezer cart was wheeled into the office break room, near my desk. I was a semi-good boy and only got one more dish of ice cream before leaving at the end of the day. It was tasty, but the waist band on my pants are straining too much.

I realize the Spudlets-flavored ice cream has been cut back some here, though other sites I visit have also seemed to lose some steam and not post as much. Work has been intruding some on blog-time. I'm also struggling with the direction of this site. I still want to keep going, as I enjoy my e-Buddies and writing posts.

The struggle has been with making interesting posts and deciding on a direction for Spudlets, if you'll allow me a moment of navel gazing. Please bear with me and maybe I can put things on a better track, quantitatively speaking.
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Posted by Jordana:

Sometimes I just can't inspired to write, so I don't.
5-10-06 @ 11:45 AM

Posted by Spud:

I know the feeling! Some phases of life are more interesting than others, and you (Jordana) are going through an interesting one: 3 kidlets, with one still in diapers, and one on the way.

For me, my body is breaking down but how interesting is that to read about? It all comes down to at least writing about what interests you and trying to make it sufficiently interesting for others to read. Make it interesting enough and people pay to put advertising on your site. Sweet!
5-10-06 @ 1:00 PM

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3-17-07 @ 1:56 PM

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